Friday, February 13, 2009

Recouping ~

Today I am spending the day recuperating from yesterday~ Ok, I am looking at this objectively.. Was I overzealous in wanting to help Tom...I honestly thought that this was a "good thing"~ But the kids totally fell apart...the house fell apart...Tom fell apart...hahaha See the pattern here! I do~ Oh...I fell lupus kicked in overtime. What have I learned from this experiment?! That I am totally reliant on the Lord for all things. That He will provided and that if He wants me to work it will be on terms that take into account my illness, my family and the terms will not switch over night and that is what this company did ~ I went from being able to work at home and put my family first to having to come in to having to make phone calls in the evening to having to go out and run all over town! Not a good thing....and unbelievably deceptive~ I guess maybe ...I am naive but~Oh well...I am going to count this as a learning experience and move on. God has not allowed our family to go without and I firmly believe that He will continue to provide. The kids need me to get them back on track and Tom needs me too~ Who knew just one week out of the house could throw everyone into such a tizzy?~ Austie needs my attention so off I go~

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BJ Keltz said...

I'm still working outside the home, which gets rougher every day. I can get through it because my kids are grown and hubby is pretty self sufficient. I come home and go to bed, hoping my body recovers enough for the next day.

I finally started writing about it to help me make sense emotionally. if you need a friendly shoulder. :)

I feel you...oh, I do. I'll keep you in my prayers as well as your family. Hugs