Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whirlwind~'s been quite the ride here for the last several days~ Went to my job interview on Tuesday and I was offered the job! Now I need the Lord to help me discern if this is what He wants for me and my family. It is in insurance so I will be able to once I am out of training to set my own schedule...which is exactly what I need~ With Tom going out on the road across the country I need to be available at all times to the kids. This I believe too will enable me to pace myself due to my SLE~ So what to do?! I have scheduled myself tomorrow for "orientation" to find out more...This is strictly a commission job but it is at forty percent which is quite high in sales...I can move into management once I learn the ropes but if I can make good money and not have the headaches..I am all for it. I spoke with the District manager when he interviewed me and told him I was looking for a flexible schedule and that my family came first and he didn't there really could be potential here. I will see what happens at the meeting and then talk with Tom about it and then we will decide. Today has been absolutely nuts! I dropped Haily off at school at 9:30 and then was off to a meeting at Grandma's nursing for her three month care meeting...She is not doing as well as she was and it really takes a toll on me~ I spent Tuesday afternoon from 4 until well after midnight with her..I had called to check on her and she was slurring her speech and having numbness so off I went to see her~ They called her doctor who called the hospital and an ambulance...It took three hours for the ambulance to pick her up! I was not happy~ They ran a bunch of tests and could not figure out what was happening so they sent her back...and all the while she was telling everyone I needed the care not her because of my Lupus~ She is a card. So I spoke with her doctor this evening and he is not sure if she had a mini-stroke or not but he has increased her medication. So I spent sometime with her and running to the bank for her because she wanted to make sure my children had some spending money from her...their GiGi(great grandma) and then off to pick up my Amanda to take her to meet my friend Pam who is taking her on a four day Mexican cruise for her daughter's 18th birthday~ They have been such a blessing to us during this difficult time we have been having...It is so good for Amanda to get away ...she is my right hand helping with things when I am down for the count. And then off I went to the hospital to pick up my x-rays for my doctor's appointment and off to the doctor I went..I was given a brace and not much help because I am a "hard" case because of all my medical issues...I don't think this doctor has much bed-side manner. Anyhow...did I mention that I also in between stopped at Goodwill and Wendy's? It must have been that Starbucks Pam treated me to that kept me going~hahaha I LOVE my coffee! And then I came home and had a meltdown of Tom before he went to work. I dyed my hair last night dark...I do not "do" dark hair because 1. it is not good to use dark dyes for sle patients 2. Tom likes my hair highlighted 3. it depresses me....So I ask what was I thinking? Now the meltdown was only partially due to the dark hair...didn't help that Gigi said she hated it~ha But it was also due to the fact that because of the flare from the car accident I have been on very high doses of predisone so I have put on another ten pounds but also it sends your emotions all over the place~ It is a necessary evil because it will get me better is the only thing that will get me better. So he will be coming home will a high-lighting kit so that tomorrow for my interview I do not look like Morticia...Yes~ it is that dark. So enough of my rant...I almost forgot the icing on the brother Ed had me served in his divorce case. He absolutely cannot stand that my sister-in-law and I became close once he left her...Chris is a wonderful mother and a strong believer...and as often times is the case came into her own due to unfortunate circumstances. Tomorrow is another day...just like Scarlett says but I unlike Scarlett know that God holds tomorrow in His hands~

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