Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tired But Thankful~

I am completely exhausted today...But so very thankful that I have a job~ Mind you I need to make contacts and get clients but I believe that God gave me this opportunity and I need to make the most of it. I was at work last night training until 8:30...So I am spent but God is giving me the grace to get through. I am working out of the house today and Tom is here with me ....and I must say it is not the easiest thing having him home. His routine has completely gone by the wayside due to losing his primary job and I am sure that it is not easy to be on call with only Blockbuster. It has been a major blow to his sense of self. He is keeping busy with the trucking courses and is doing quite well with the exception of the mechanical portion...So we will see how things go~ I believe that he is looking forward to getting on the road and functioning full-time instead of part-time and really having a sense of supporting his family. Well~ Back to work I is an adjustment but God will me through.

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