Thursday, January 15, 2009

Away For The Weekend~

Off this weekend to a board meeting.....I would so rather stay home! I am tired , worn, and weary from all the stress of the past week, no month , no year~ And it is only the second week of the New Year~hahaha But honestly, Tom and I are just tired to the bone...We have been putting in applications all over...sure hoping that something turns up. So he will be working all this weekend and we are praying that he remembers all he has been trained to do~ His job is on the line....No pressure on him...He is really hoping that all goes well so that he can move into management. I had a bite on my resume so we will see what happens. The kids have been unbelievable wanting to get jobs so that they can help out~ Tom and I are adamant though that their education needs to come I told them we would be holding off on that idea~ So the kids and I are going to Orlando this weekend and I will have to hobble around the hotel to the conference room...O joy~ This walking long distances with this cane is starting to get old because it really takes a toll on my wrist. But! On a bright not I am not in the amount of pain with my knee as I was yesterday the key seems to be to stay off of it as much as this weekend will take a toll but when I get home I will recuperate again. I am hoping my check will get here before we leave because if not it is going to be a very tight weekend~ Mickey D's here we come....hahaha I am sure the kids will not complain. I am praying that we can get the things done we need to and not have too many issues...but with so many different personalities ....I think at times it is too much to ask~ I know I have many friends that will be praying for us this weekend and the thought is comforting. Tom got a surprise visit from a friend at work on Wednesday night...What a blessing it was~ We were blown away by his compassion and generosity...he gave us a one hundred dollar gift card to Publix! I will definitely try and stretch it out~ Next weekend Chris and I will go and get our Angel food and Share orders...these two programs have enabled us during this very difficult time to feed our families very well...Can't say enough good things about them~ I still have to pack ...But thank God the kids have done theirs one less thing I need to do...Tomorrow Tom and I need to be up early so that we can run various errands before I get on the road..Amanda will be working at the zoo in the morning and than she is off to stay with Pam and the girls for the week to catch a break. So we are off to the races...Trying to get everything done before I am out the door~~~

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