Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Dropped off Haley to school today for Chris~ I just love having the munchkins is so nice being able to enjoy little ones on a consistent basis now that my monkey's are getting older. Why the name monkey's? Well....when the kids were little they used to love "Three little monkey's jumping on the bed"~ And they are my "three little monkey's"....though they are not little anymore~ But you know each I have had the blessing to enjoy each and every stage and age thus far....although the teenager's sometimes "get too me"...hahaha I am has been a week since my accident~ Slowly but surely..I am on the mend. I almost have the house in order for our company that comes in tomorrow. Yea! It was definitely a project but the end is in sight...Thank God! Talk about a big clean-up but it had to be I am just hoping Victoria and Amanda have a wonderful time together~ I am hoping that Kathleen will have a time of rest and peace as she comes home to Florida and friends....You know it makes me realize that I have a tendency not to appreciate what I have before me~ So I am going to make a concerted effort to look past "our circumstances"...I know that I need to be keeping in the Word and in constant prayer. I need to remember that God is in Control! So today will be a day to complete the house for our visit ~

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