Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a Crime~

It is an absolute CRIME that president obama has decided to be an exporter of murder/abortion as he signed into law abortion provision overseas~ How it must grieve the heart of God that he has done this....Now what I find interesting is that "we the American people" are being lectured about fiscal responsibility and he has decided to do this at a cost to us of four-hundred and eighty million dollars~ I am so sad that so many blamed President Bush for the countries financial woes and chose so poorly for our country....I cannot imagine that we will recognize our country in four years and this thought is very disheartening. I can only pray that God will intervene not only in our country but people's hearts so that they will rise and voice their displeasure with what he has as an agenda.


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The Southern Housewife said...

I'll be the first to admit that I'm an avid supporter of Obama and am one of the people that do place the blame of a lot of our countries misfortunes on Bush. However, I do feel it in my heart of hearts that the good Lord put President Obama here to help us and give us the hope that this country does so desperately need right now. I think the God will work through Obama. The one thing I find disheartening is that people are against Obama over abortion issues when he is not the one giving them. The people that should be blamed and condemned are the ones that chosing to do it. However, because he is wonderful, He has given us all free will. So even if abortion is outlawed, we still have free will and there will be people out there who abuse this by getting abortions. Laws do not stop people for stealing, shooting, scamming, taking drugs, etc. Even though those are all outlawed, we still have the choice to do them because HE gave that right to us. It is all about what we use our free will do accomplish- good or bad. Know what I mean? Or did I just ramble and ramble.!?! hee hee. Great to meet you and look at your blog! :)