Sunday, January 25, 2009

The End of a ......LONG Week~

It is finally Sunday~Thank you Lord. It was a very long week with a great deal of ups and downs....mostly down emotionally~ But God is merciful and saw me through it. On Saturday we were able to celebrate Gabby's birthday. It was a very quiet day since most of us were down with colds~ but she had a day where she was able to do completely nothing but play and read and be the twelve year old she is...Wow! Twelve years old...where has it gone the time.....I am grateful she is not in
a hurry to grow up but just to be the kid that she is~ Amanda, Austin and Gabby spent the evening playing games and just spending time together. We had Gabby's birthday dinner request of Bratwurst and mashed potatoes...she started her day out with hot cocoa and whipped cream and corned beef and hash...there is a theme here~ Gabby is a meat and potatoes gal~ We had two different Pepperidge Farms birthday cakes that were decorated with chocolate strawberries and two ice creams~ Cookies and cream and Reeses peanut butter cup...Talk about a lot of sweets! The kids and Tom loved it. She loved her birthday presents too~ So it was a nice day all around. Tom went to work at midnight and worked until six am...He went back to work at four and will be working at least till midnight. So thank God they are giving him hours which is so greatly needed right now. The girls as I sit here are helping with dinner and are quite grumpy...up too late last night~ I am trying to sit here quietly and say nothing....we will see how long this lasts. I think we are all tired and need a good nights rest but it is quite an adjustment getting used to Tom's schedule because of course no one can sleep right while he's away~ So it will take some getting used too~

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