Thursday, January 29, 2009


Tom is at work this evening and the kids and I have been watching American Idol...this is something they usually do with their dad but since he has been working I have taken up the slack so to speak~hahaha He is great about watching things and playing games with the kids...This allows me some down time since we are together all day. Well, Tom made a very big decision today to go to "trucking school". With the economy the way that it is he feels that the reprographic business will not pull out and be prosperous at this time~ So he thought long and hard about what he could do in order to support our family and get on our feet. People always need to have goods he will be "Lord willing" doing long-haul trucking. This will mean that he will be going from one end of the country to the other~ It will mean many changes for our family..the biggest being that we will see him more than likely once a month for either three to five days~ But we realize that we are going to have to make a great deal of sacrifices in order to survive. It is mind-boggling when Tom and I think back to a time when he made six figures to now where we are not even getting by~ We know though that we have to have complete faith and trust in the Lord. Tom will go and see his mom tomorrow as she has agreed to help him pay for the schooling...when he graduates and gets a job the company he will work for will reimburse him and then his mom will be repaid. This is what needs to be done...He has put out many resumes but no hits for good jobs that will support our family~ And he was told by his manager at Blockbuster that the future of the company is does this mean his hours will be cut? Will they let him go? Too many unanswered questions so he needed to do something. Meanwhile ...I will try to get a job at home. We are hoping for the best. I truly believe that God will see us through all of this mess~

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