Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time to Crash~ is time to crash~ After spending days of cleaning and organizing the house...We had a wonderful and busy time with our company and as I sit here and rest~ Everyone else in the house is sound asleep! With the exception of Austie who is upstairs exercising his thumbs on his playstation. It will be back to the grind of everyday life after several weeks off of school for the kids and I...Tomorrow will be different in that Tom will be home...looking for work..which as we all know is work in itself! It has been such a turn of events with him being fired~ What to do..I need a J-O-B...and yet I am exhausted and hurt after the car accident~ I just keep asking the Lord if you want me to work...if it is your will ....give me the job and then the strength to keep it and work it~ But it is nice to know I am not alone...all my friends are going through similar struggles so we can at least prayer and encourage one another.

Lord give me the strength I need and the health to succeed~

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Barbara said...

Sorry to hear your going thru difficult times right now. Praying that this period doesn't last long for you. Blessings.