Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday , Monday~

Monday, Monday...I can hear the tune in my head~ Well....spent the whole day recuperating from the weekend. Tom could not get away from work...because after all he only has his part-time he stayed home and worked and took care of the animals. The meeting was tedious, tiring and overwhelming but God is good...upon reflection things could have gone so much worse and in the long run good decisions were made. So I pray that God gives me the strength to continue on in what I believe that He has for me~ I sit here the day before the presidential inauguration and am saddened that the citizens of this great country chose a man that has so many extreme beliefs...but I will pray that God's will over-rules that of man...that FOCA is not passed! This extreme abortion legislation that the president-elect wants to restrictions whatsoever...federally funded by "we the people" our dollars going to fund partial-birth...minors without parental consent...late-term abortions...God's heart must be so grieved. Let us pray for this man, our government and our country~ We as a nation have strayed so very far from our founding father's vision...LET US PRAY! LET US RETURN TO THE GOD OF OUR FATHERS~

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