Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day~

New Year's day....I spent the day on bed-rest doctor's orders~ It was pleasant enough watching Christmas movies with the kids. I am so.....glad I cooked so much last week! Tom and the kids were able to eat the Pork loins I roasted for New Year's Eve with left-over rice and beans from Sunday supper. Tomorrow we will have the rest of the Turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes...No complaints from the family as they will still be getting a home-cooked meal even though mom is down for the count!Ha Who besides the Lord could have seen what would have happened to me last night. I am so very grateful though as it could have been so much worse! Tom inspected the van tonight and there is quite some damage to the bumper and some scratches to boot~ Amanda is suffering a little bit of stress due to being worried about me....but she will recupe~ The kids are all up late because we are still on a whacky break schedule but I will crack the whip next week....maybe ~ Because we will have company...Victoria is coming from New York to visit...Amanda is very excited and the girls have a great deal planned. Well , off to bed~

If God be for us~Who can be against us-

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Gina said...

Hey Vikki!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My goodness I hope that you will get well soon! Who would ever think of getting hit standing by your own van!!

I too will pray for your family as you go through your transitions this spring!

Keep your eyes on the Lord! Through Him all things are possible!