Saturday, June 26, 2010


My sweet son, Austin...."Austie" little man is fifteen~  he keeps me company and talks my ear off...what a blessing!  Not too many boys this age do~  so I know that we have a unique relationship.  Austin will be having surgery on Monday morning at 7:15 am...he has been having some stomach issues for a while now and they have gotten progressively worse.  He was doing well and then he started to get quite ill~  he didn't want to worry me..he told the doctor he thought he could handle it on his own and figure it out!  He is too much~  he thought I had enough on my plate...I had to remind him that he is fifteen not thirty and that I am the parent and I need to take care of off we go Monday to the hospital and the rest of the week we have to have tests done.  I am praying that the Lord would give the doctors the wisdom to treat him that way my son can be healthy again.


Nana's Nuggets said...

Oh! yes, we claim this right now for Austin, that he will be restored to health! He is way too young and has too much to enjoy to keep him down!! Praying for you! Austin. God is good! He will take care of you:)!

Brandi Hanes said...

Praying for you and your family...Thank you for stopping by my blog :)
Blessings~ Brandi

Dolores said...

Vikki, your son sounds like a remarkable young man, but I'm not surprised...... he has a loving, Christian mother.

I will be praying for his healing from the stomach problems.