Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday~

Today was grandma's birthday.  I stopped at Publix and picked her up a beautiful mini cake with Butterflies and a lovely icing.  We also brought her flowers..she loved them and ate some cake!  Very big for her as her appetite is really  waning.  She was so happy to see the kids~  She couldn't get over how big they had gotten...It was good to see her happy and she was in and out~  at one point she asked me what her name was as she had forgotten.  This is so hard at times~ I miss our long conversations and all the stories she would tell me.  I am blessed though by many happy memories with her and the kids~   all the trips we took together her and I ...Disney..she loved the parades...she loved doting on the kids...I truly miss those days~  She has stopped being able to pray as she did only a month is difficult to see...So I continue to pray.


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki,it is such a Blessing to have a Grandma! "Happy Bithday"(Grandma)! I never had the opportunity to really know a "Grandma", and I love to hear others stories about grandparents! What a privilage that is! I have this deepest desire to be that "special Grandma"or "Nana" to my Grands! Lord help me to be that! Have a Blessed Wk-end!:)

Dolores said...

Oh Vikki..... I'm so happy for you that your grandma recognized you all for awhile.
You're so thoughtful and appreciative for the grandmother she was to you, and now you're helping her when she needs to be remembered.