Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Evening~

Mandy sang this weekend~  she really loves this and working with the children...I am blessed!  She is off today with some sweet friends from church.  Tom has taken Gabby and Austin off to Wendy's for dinner...I am not a good cook when I am sick~  as a matter of  fact my family won't even let me in the kitchen when I am not off to dinner with dad.  I am sure they are not upset about it...frosties~  enough said. haha  My dad will get the rest of his stitches off tomorrow and then Tuesday he will undergo the surgery on his leg.  Mom says that he must be feeling a little better because he is fighting with her~  always a good sign when they are being their usual funny selves.  So I am enjoying a bit of a quiet house while all are out...though my room is filled with the animals.  They seem to have some issues thinking we are going to be leaving them again after being away for a week.  I am so thankful to be home and look forward to being well so that we can sink back into a routine.  With stress it is so important to have one~  everyone especially the kids need some certainty given our situation.  So I am hoping that this awful summer cold will go away~  I have meetings and appointments all week and I would hate to cancel....or keep them and just be miserable.  Summer is never an easy time for me..seems that flares just kick up and never seem to completely go away~  I suppose I just need to rest but does a mom ever really rest?!   I think not~

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A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed your post. I have had a flare with my illnesses that has lasted the longest ever. It's been about a month. It has effected my hair, skin everything. Migraines constantly. My liver enzymes are up.I pray you will be better soon. My husband is good about helping me but I had to really get mean with him at first because he doesn't like sick people. God bless, Doylene