Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He knows what is best~

Sometimes I think I know what is best~ and I have learned that God at times has a completely different take on life.  This week was one of those times~  I thought that I would make a good Vice-Chairman but!  the Lord had something entirely different in store for me..and you know what He was right!  I have been taken out of a situation that was uncomfortable and stressful and for that I am thankful.  I know can concentrate on things that really matter too single parents, special needs children and families in need....and everything else is no longer a big issue to me.  Thank you Lord.  Does this solve all the issues?  No, but one piece at a time.  We got home last night exhausted after a week full of work and one day of down time but it was a wonderful and well needed day of rest as a will take us all a good week to recoup.  We came home to a house full of animals thankful to see us home.  We also came home to a rejection letter for Tom. This was especially difficult for him...and for me.  I spent a better part of the night in tears~ really wondering what it is the Lord has for our family.  What I am asking does God want for my husband?!  We know he needs to work..but in what field...doing what to support our family...we have a need to find a home..and the need of our children.  Confused?  That I must be honest is quite the understatement..and so once again we trudge on because really is there any other option?!  I think not~

I thought again last night after my meltdown of being thankful whether in "plenty" or in "want" I remain ever faithful to being thankful no matter what~


Dolores said...

Isn't it amazing how we sometimes think we know more than God. Then something happens and we see what He's trying to show us. I'm glad you're out of the uncomfortable situation.

I'm soooo sorry about the rejection letter for Tom.
I'm lifting this up in prayer.... he needs a job and to feel good about himself.
Prayers and hugs to you all

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki! you know this is what I talked about on recent post of mine, (by the way, thanks for dropping in!).As I repeat to my daughter a lot, We just have to keep trusting!! even when we don't feel like it. Her husband has also been with out a job going on 4 months now, and they are really discouraged as well! But I just have to keep believing for them, and I will keep believing for your husband as well!! Hugs! Nana